The Moloich :

In modern English usage, "Moloich" can refer derivatively to any person or thing which demands or requires costly sacrifices.

Moloich representing semitic מלך m-l-k, (a root which occurs in various Hebrew and Arabic words related to kings) is either the name of a god or the name of a particular kind of sacrifice associated with fire.

On a mountain of skulls, in a castle of pain, on a throne of blood sat the king, at his right hand controlled by the pains and dealings of futile man sat the Moloich.

Like some other gods and demons found in the Bible, Moloich appears as part of medieval demonology, as a Prince of Hell.

Moloich Photography Ltd. has it's roots cemented in artistic integrity and respect for the artist first and foremost. We understand that the musician / photographer relationship can at times be very fragile; we take great pains to ensure all musicians are represented as the professionals they are. We will not settle for second best photography.

Our company mandate is clear "Firstly for the artist - Always for the artist". Simply defined that means we are there to accommodate and serve the musician and the industry. We are not in this venture to become wealthy; our mission is to provide exemplary service where others have failed and compromised themselves. Our ethics are high, intact and will not be compromised for the sake of earning a dollar or at the expense of the artist.

Our reviews and testimonials below are the payment for a job well done. We will not settle to be amateur, we will strive for perfection on each assignment and will represent our client as masters in their domain. We welcome your business and opportunity to showcase your talent on a previously unattainable plane.


Dave Flewwelling
Owner / Operator
Moloich Photography Ltd.

"Firstly for the artist - Always for the artist"


". . .Beginning with the first practical applications of the camera obscura by the ancient philosophers Mozi and Aristotle, to the invention of the daguerreotype in the 19th century, and leading up until today's modern photography, there has always been a singular 'voice' that has documented important events throughout the history of mankind. Within the burgeoning underground roots music movement of today, something I genuinely believe will one day be viewed as an important and pivotal moment in the history of American music, that 'voice' undoubtedly belongs to Edmonton photographer Dave Flewwelling at Moloich Photography Ltd. A ubiquitous stage presence at Muddy Roots, Farmageddon Fest, and countless other live shows, Dave's distinctive images capture moments of time that truly capture the raw emotions of both musicians and fans alike."

Mike Fiedler
Shore Road Tavern
Philadelphia, PA

". . .While most of us capture the light bouncing off of things, Dave Flewwelling traps the light and dark that seeps, streams and leaps out of the souls of his subjects. Not satisfied with simple shape and form, he needs a visceral clutch that seizes your eyes and brain."

Robert Gilgan
Senior Photographer
Central Alberta Photography Society (CAPS)

Dave's un-intrusive, easy going approach to photography is exactly what we look for in live shows. I'd never kick him out of a barricade! Then when you see the end result, the proof is in the pudding. A real artist in his own right.

Lighting designer Rev. Horton Heat/Hard Rock Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

"2 words ...3 times....Great photographer...good friend"

Sean Wheeler
Vocals (Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss, Throwrag)
Los Angeles, California

My band the Hillbilly Casino had the pleasure of working with Dave Flewwelling and Moloich Photography Ltd. in the summer of 2011, when we played Edmonton, Alberta for the Rockin' Cars & Guitars Race Festival. Dave shot two of our shows that weekend, and we wound up hanging out with him as he went to go shoot another show one of those nights. We were so impressed with Dave and the quality of his work that we invited him down to shoot a festival show we headlined in Seattle that September. As both a professional musician and an amateur photographer I'm constantly impressed by the quality of Dave's work, and his ability to get amazing shots even in dingy clubs with crappy lighting. I personally consider Dave to one of the best live band photographers in the world. I compare his live work to the portrait work of Joshua Black Wilkins and Jim Herrington.

Geoff Firebaugh
Bassist for the Hillbilly Casino.
Owner of Hobolight Studio, Nashville TN

"Having met Dave Flewwelling unexpectedly while on tour and having met many photographers under the same circumstances, Dave stood out immediately from other photographers in his position. He spoke to us prior to our set and informed us he was shooting for the promoter and that he would likely be getting up close but would respect our space to perform. That is exactly what he did and the results are nothing short of stunning. Dave managed to get some spectacular shots while dodging a moshpit as well as our own energetic live performance. Can't thank him enough for his work."

Big James

In July of 2013, Farmageddon Music Festival took place in Clinton, Montana, bringing with it not only incredible musicians, but also incredible artists. Dave Flewwelling, owner of Moloich Photography, was in attendance this year: capturing the festival at its core, exposing the beating heart of outlaw country, metal, and punk rock alike.

Flewwelling executes his photos with precision: they expose a larger-than-life crispness, a certain fluorescence, as if they have been infused with light. The finished images show extraordinary refinement. They possess sharp detail, while still encapsulating an enamoring and somewhat soft glow. From the Goddamn Gallow’s fire breathing to Bob Log III’s raft ride, each photo contains energetic noise and palpable emotion. The artist’s eye seeks out moments of honesty and raw expression. This is perhaps Flewwelling’s greatest strength as a photographer. He captures that moment: the one that sticks with you, the one that speaks to you.

His photos reveal moments of intimacy: Jayke Orvis proposing to his girlfriend, surrounding by dizzy-eyed cooing fans. They contain moments of juxtaposition; Gary Lindsey’s middle finger in the air, surrounded by the soft hills of Montana and a baby blue sky. Many of his photos contain a certain brutality: capturing expressions of anger, of ecstasy, of a hundred drunk yelling punks. Above all, his photos embody passion and respect for the subject at hand. With an air of professionalism and eye for human emotion, Flewwelling's coverage of Farmageddon Music Festival is much like reliving the festival again. To see Flewwelling's work for yourself, visit:

Hannah R. Jacobsen
Staff Writer Noise & Color Magazine

". . .Dave Flewwelling knows how to capture the stage. His photography stands out in the bunch and was extremely helpful during the entire process. His willingness to go the extra mile to get the best shot possible shows the work ethic needed to get the job done. I hope to be able to count on him for every festival we host."

Jason Galaz
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Nashville, TN

". . .We've wanted to have Dave shoot us for quite some time. His photographic style is a perfect match for our musical one. It's amazing how smoothly he can get results during a live performance... what with all the guitars, jumpin' around, funny hats & all. Dave captures moments, making us look w-a-a-a-ay more professional than we deserve. And that otherworldly sheen his images have just make the subject matter truly pop. He must be gifted.... or made a deal with the devil or somethin'."
Punch Drunk Cabaret
Dustbowl, AB

". . .Dave Flewweling is one of the best professional photographers I know. You never know he's there until he wants to let you know he's there, which is great. He knows his way around the stage and knows how to move discreetly, so he's not in the way, and that also let's me do my thing in a way that's natural and comfortable. The real part that matters is the photos, which Dave's are always top-notch. When I see him at one of our shows, I get excited about seeing the pics that are going to come out of it. Some of my faves! Nice guy too...but don't tell him i said that. 1love, 1Ness."

DJ Friendlyness
Big Sugar
Toronto, ON

". . .Dave's work with our band has been nothing short of exceptional. His artistic empathy make him part of the band while he's photographing us, able to catch moment others easily miss. He has a burning dedication to his art and those artists he photographs. There are few better than Dave."
Eve Hell and the Razors
Calgary, AB.

". . .Dave was a pleasure to work with, and the results were outstanding. From first contact his professionalism and personable approach made for a great working relationship that continues to this day. Highly recommended." Jim Good
Entertainment Director
Race Week Edmonton
“Cars & Guitars” The Race Week Music Festival

". . .Dave's photos are great. I used to have my own B&W darkroom in the "Blowup" era. I processed lots of Tri-X and Plus X. Cebachrome was just coming out, but I never got into it because of my move from Kansas city to LA. I learned enough at my hobby to recognize talent, quality, composition, lighting, color and clarity. You excel in all those categories!" Your friend, John " Spazz" Hatton Bassist Brian Setzer Orchestra Los Angeles, California

". . .Chris and I knew that choosing our wedding photographer was going to be an important and challenging part of our wedding planning. Meeting with Chris’ old friend Dave made the decision easy. His care and attention to detail in his photographs is amazing, he has a unique eye. Both Dave and his photographer partner Chris were friendly and approachable. On the day of the wedding Chris was fantastic to have during the bridal preparations, he was calm and unobtrusive. Dave spent the morning with the guys, not only there to take pictures but also to help. Including tying some ties! Even though it was new years they both stayed until the bitter end to get photos of the midnight kisses. Many of our guests commented on how fantastic and professional they were. We were blown away by our wedding photos; they are so much fun and hard to narrow down to just one album! I would not hesitate to recommend Dave and Chris for any occasion! Thanks guys!".

Chris & Kendra Baker
Calgary, AB

". . .Dave's photographs capture that 'thing' where the viewer is transported to the moment in time of the execution of the shot. The personality of the subject is laid bare, with a documentarians' truth, if you will. He's shot our band Big Sugar several times now and there is a consistency to his high level of skill and commitment to the job at hand."

Kelly "Mr. Chill" Hoppe
Harmonica / Keyboards / Saxophone / VOX
Big Sugar
Toronto, Ont. Canada.

". . .Dave Flewwelling is a true artist with a camera. He has a gift for capturing and bringing to light the fierce clarity of emotion and physical strain. I would love to see what he could do with five hundred pounds of marble, hammer and chisel."

Most Recpectfully,

Keith Picot

"...Dave has been shooting The Preying Saints almost since day one. He's always gone the extra mile to get THE shot and I am consistently amazed at the quality of his photos and his ability to capture the moment. He's also a welcome conversation and presence at any show. Dave is not only a photographer there to shoot a band he is a genuine fan and lover of music. Which is what sets him apart."

Greg Stefishen
Preying Saints
Edmonton, AB

". . .Dave’s a real artist. He understands how to photograph rock and roll. He knows how to capture the energy on stage, and you can feel it when you look at his work. He’s the fifth member of the band and his camera is his instrument."

Buzz Campbell

Buzz Campbell Band / Lee Rocker Band / Sha-Na-Na

". . .Dave is a friend, so i'm sure i'm biased.... however, everyone with a camera these days thinks they are a photographer. You know and I know It takes more than money well spent on equipment. It takes an eye for a moment. A passion for passion. And the reflexes to capture an energy. We have all tried. I know I have. Tried to catch a moment only to see that we missed seconds. But Dave catches all of it. Like butterflies in a net, he see's what is to see. Anticipates the next move and clicks, clicks, clicks! I have seen his work first hand. I have also witnessed him in action. He captures energy like a scientist splits an atom. It is truly amazing. Like I said, Dave is my friend... but when someone has a genuine talent, I am there to help them grow. If you're still a skeptic, see his portfolio and be blown away! I was.... and now have one of his pieces of photographic art hanging in my home. I love you man... Never stop capturing what the rest of the world takes for granted."


Chris Savage
Diesel May
106.7 The Drive.
Red Deer, AB.

". . .Dave's style of photography is amazing and very unique. He captures all the right moments and angles. I'm not usually fond of having photos taken of me but the ones Dave takes are always something I look forward to."

Ronnie "the Crutch" Crutcher
Hillbilly Casino

"We have had the pleasure of working with Moloich Photography Ltd. many times now and his pictures are second to none! His photos for our live performances are the best i have seen. He has the eye needed to catch great shots. This man has personally drove for 6 hours to one of our shows to take photos for us. His commitment and his professionalism are amazing. I cant wait for the next time the we get to work with him again. Thank you Dave for all the times you have come out."

Brett Horror - Grim Hymn and the Horrors
Salmon Arm, BC.

"I love Dave Flewwelling's photography!! He always seems to capture the energy and excitement of the stage!!"

Paul Pigat
(Cousin Harley)
Vancouver, BC.

"Dave's professional approach to capturing events is impressively organized which allows him to work quickly and creatively. I find photographing the same events as him to be a fun and worry free experience."

Nikita Gushue
Falt Photographics
Vancouver, BC / Edmonton, AB

"Having toured extensively through the U.S, Canada and Europe with my band (Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dollz) I've met many photographers but there are only a few that stand out and Dave is definitely one of them. He was always courteous and got amazing shots of the band while never being obtrusive. Thanks Dave!"

James Brander
Big John Bates & the Voodoo Dollz
Vancouver, BC.

"I first met Dave Flewwelling while he was shooting a Motorhead gig in Edmonton in February of 2011. I had bluffed my way into a photo pass I didn't deserve, but did my best with my little digital camera. I spent as much time watching Dave work those first few songs as i did watching the band. His attention to the details, position, lighting, everything- was inspiring. He showed me some of his shots afterward, and the results were stunning. If it can be said that a photograph rocks, then that goes for Dave Flewwelling's work too. I liked his stuff at the show so much, I made sure some of it made it into the pages of Gonzo Magazine, a (now) digital mag I write for.

Dave Flewwelling was great to be around, he's a music fan that has a real eye for the great shots as he has ears for a great song, and it shows in his work. We've stayed in touch, and I look forward to covering more shows with him in the future - myself as the writer, and Dave with his amazing eye.

John Kereiff
Gonzo Magazine Editorialist
Edmonton, AB / Vancouver, BC

". . .Working with Dave has been great. He is extremely professional, courteous and most importantly a great photographer. I have only worked with him on a couple of bands, but will continue to work with him on all my bands that go through his area. The photos are exceptional and I couldn’t ask for someone easier to work with than Dave. If you need photos of a concert, live show or any event, I would definitely tell you to make Dave your first call."

Jon Freeman

Freeman Promotions LLC
328 Long Branch Ave.
Long Branch, NJ 07740

A Brief Review for Moloich Photography Ltd.
By Johnny Forgotten of The Rock n Roll Rats

In the underground, alternative, and independent music scenes it seems as though "photographer" has become a ubiquitous title that anyone can give themselves if they show up to gigs with some semi-professional equipment, have a Flickr account, and a friend willing to add them to the guest list. Rarely, however, a true artisan surfaces who clearly demonstrates exemplary levels of of passion, commitment, drive, and professionalism -- Mr. Dave Flewwelling (Moloich Photography Ltd., Red Deer Alberta) has clearly positioned himself in this professional category.

The Rock n Roll Rats ( Independent Punk Rock band, Calgary Alberta) have worked with Mr. Flewwelling multiple times since mid 2010, and have become repeat customers of Moloich Photography Ltd. as well as fans and friends of Mr. Flewwelling himself. Mr. Flewwelling is consistent and reliable in his delivery of premium professional-grade deliverables in the field of live musical performance photography.

Working with Mr. Flewwelling is an experience that truly sets the standard for aspiring and established photographers alike. The Rock n Roll Rats enthusiastically endorse and recommend Moloich Photography Ltd. to musicians, promoters, and venue owners who are looking for a deluxe finished product, a bar-setting level of customer service, and industry leading value.


Johnny Forgotten, Jesse Death, and John Connor
The Rock n Roll Rats
Calgary Alberta Canada

". . .Dave Flewwelling is an excellent photographer that has shown and taught me how to photograph in a concert/music scene. Helping me to see and read light to enable me to be confident in any light environment. A pleasure to work with and an excellent partner in the photographic process."

Chris Thombs
One Step Beyond Photography
Edmonton, AB
780 - 499 - 2627

". . .Dave's photographs have proven themselves time and time again...we use them for our press package and media flyers for upcoming shows well as our website...thanx for all the great shots Dave!"

Billy Hellfire (Guitarist / Vocals)
Hellfire Special
Edmonton, AB

"No one catches angles and light like of my favorite photogs....local or otherwise!"

Cory Dp (Guitarist)
Breathe Knives
Calgary, AB

Dave Flewwelling.

Music Enthusiast. Photographer. Friend. Professional. Perfectionist.
Dave gets the music, the band and the photos.
He can take photo's for me anytime.

Greg Stephenson
Prime Box Office.
Calgary, AB

". . .Shooting live is a tough gig to get decent results. In small clubs the lighting sucks, at big shows the security, stage and often performers themselves make it almost impossible to get up close and take tight shots that actually mean something. Dave gets around all that somehow. His images are blazing with color, ripping with energy and full of great detail. He captures the raw power of real rock 'n' roll, and is a helluva gentleman at doing the job."

B. Simm
BeatRoute Magazine
Production Manager
Calgary Journal