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How To Purchase An Image:

All photos are available for purchase by clicking any photo and selecting "buy" in the bottom right hand corner after clicking and selecting the image of choice. Images may be purchased as a digital copy for licensed personal use or purchased as a hard copy printed, and if you choose ready to hang. After clicking the "Buy" button located in the bottom right hand corner of the selected image; you have the choice of the following items:

1. Prints

2. Merchandise



Prints are replicated images of the image original. When purchased you will be given the option to scale the image to your size of choice. It is important to note the size choices are chosen so the image never has to be cropped. Once you have selected the size of image, you will be prompted to choose the media it is printed on; this may include choices like semi glossy paper, high gloss paper, lustre finish paper, metallic finish or even canvas.

With each there are additional costs incurred. I highly recommend the "Metallic Finish". If you so choose, you may end the selection process here and have your image shipped to your supplied address.

If you continue on the purchasing screen you have the choice to select a frame, glass, mounting paper, etc...this will in essence deliver a completely finished product to your front door - Ready to hang!!

When selecting images for purchase please remember the "Large Moloich" demon head logo on the left hand side of the image will not appear on the finished product. This only appears on the website page for security purposes.


If you select an image for purchase, you have the option to have it printed to any of the merchandise items in our catalog. These range from coffee mugs, luggage tags, mouse pads, cooking aprons and desk organizers. The sky is the limit. Just follow the prompts for each product.


To all my friends and supporters who want to use a pic they see as a profile pic on Facebook, if you would like to, please do so by purchasing a digital download to support the art and artist. You can click the image you like, in the bottom right hand corner click "buy image", then choose "this photo" from the menu. Choose "downloads" from the header menu and select "Personal License" the image will be a 640 x 480 image perfectly suited for use on Facebook. All for the reasonable cost of $2.99 per image. You have access to this image in perpetuity and it is yours from then on. Thanks for your support. Scroll down to see some of the images available for purchase. Click "browse" on the menu to the left to be taken to the entire image catalog. Enjoy! and thank you for your support.